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Wood Panel Attributes You Will Love

Our customer’s complete satisfaction and providing high quality plywood products is our topmost priority here at International Plywood. Through the years, we remain unmatched in terms of excellence, quality and complete customer satisfaction. International Plywood guarantees to deliver only the best and finest quality plywood and structural panels.

A product and customer-focused company.

Our selections range from durable plywood panels and wood veneers for a wide variety of manufacturing to non-construction applications. Our team of experts and highly knowledgeable representatives will help you find the right product that will best suit your specific project needs.

  • Reliability
    All of our plywood and wood venners and OSB panels are manufactured only under the state of the art and most astringent quality assurance programs in the country.
  • Sustainability
    Our plywood and other panel products are environment-friendly and maximizes product efficiency and effectiveness with less harmful emissions, which makes our products very much beneficial not only to our applications or needs but in preserving nature and our natural resources as well.
  • Stiffness and Strength
    Our plywood products can resist any kind of conditions and they can also resist both point and uniform loads effectively.
  • Workability
    Our panels and plywood can be cut easily into any size or shape with the use of commonly available or used tools.
  • Durability
    Our plywood and panel products are all highly resistant to any weather conditions or chemicals when they are properly treated and finished with the preservatives available out there.
  • Customizability
    Our custom-designed plywood and wood veneers and OSB panels can be engineered easily to meet all of your specialized demands efficiently and effectively.

Wood Panel Types

Whatever kind of plywood or engineered wood structural panels that you might possibly need, we can be the right one-stop shop for you because we are the only company so far that offers different types of panel that meet almost any possible application needs. The following are just some of the most commonly used panel types that are used in most industrial applications.

Sheathing/ Rough Surfaces

Our sheathing-grade panel products are manufactured not with appearance or smoothness in mind because they are effectively manufactured so they can offer great strength which is very much suitable for almost all industrial applications.

Solid/ Sanded/ Repaired Faces

Our panels with veneer faces are sanded smooth to effectively fulfill any requirements of their possible or intended end use. They can be best used for different applications such as for shelving, cabinets, built-ins, furniture, and others. The sanded panels are also manufactured in a wide variety of ways such as plywood or cross-laminated wood veneer, as composites or veneer faces that is bonded to wood strand cores, and as OSB or oriented strand board.

Enhanced Faces/ Coated/ Overlaid

Our OSB panels and plywood products are available in different face enhancement types. Some of the most common types of face coverings would include High density overlay or HDO and Medium density overlay or MDO with resin-impregnated fiber surfaces that are bonded to 1 or both panel surfaces under pressure and heat. The other enhanced surfaced types also include polyethylene, fiberglass-reinforced plastic, metal, hardboard and other quality materials for exceptionally smooth and special-use surfaces.

Oversized/ Custom Sized

Plywood panels for any industrial applications can be manufactured in a wide variety of sizes and thickness. Here at International Plywood, we mainly sell all types of plywood   4x 8, 3/4, 5/8, 1/2, 3/8, 1/4, and 4 x 4. While the common size is 48-inch and 96-inch length with a thickness of about ¼ inch – ¾ inch, the plywood or OSB that we offer here at International Plywood can be manufactured custom made order in a much wider, thicker and longer size.

If you need some professional help in terms of choosing the right wood plywood panels that you need for your specific applications or needs, you don’t have to worry as well because we can help you with that. Our staff or team of wood specialists offers services that would help you out with your possible questions regarding the application and specification of plywood as well as OSB structural panels.

With International Plywood, you can have a one-stop and reliable company that can help and provide you with everything that you would need with completing your project. Our plywood and OSB wood structural panels are suited for cabinets, furniture, signs, pallets, reels, containers, concrete forming and mezzanine. In addition to that, you will also find our products very much beneficial to you because you can also use it in a wide variety of uses as well as component parts for other multiple useful products. We guarantee you that all of our products are 100% stiff, strong, of the highest quality and can resist high impacts. They can also be shaped easily and, through the past years of providing our products in the market, it has already been tested and proven in terms of durability in almost all kinds of conditions. With our services here at International Plywood, your trust and money will never go to waste.